Erin Clark, RN, MSN, HTS, Inc. Project Coordinator helps prepare clinical staff for a CDPH
Erin Clark, RN, MSN, HTS, Inc. Project Coordinator helps prepare clinical staff for a visit from CDPH

Preparing for a regulatory visit prior to opening a new healthcare facility can be an intimidating task.  At HTS, Inc., we use the “3Ps” to ensure our clients are prepared for success!  The 3Ps include Project readiness, People readiness, and Paperwork readiness.  Using our best practice Go/No-Go checklists, our team evaluates regulatory readiness by working with the hospital and the project team to assess the 3Ps.

Examples of Project readiness include validating the building systems (nurse call, pneumatic tube, security systems, building management systems, etc.) and that Information Systems are working as planned; Supplies and materials are in place and par levels have been confirmed; Kitchen is burned in and ready to serve patients; Signage and way finding is sufficient; and various other critical items that relate to the physical structure of the facility.  Once Project readiness is validated, People readiness is to ensure there is enough staff to support the new hospital, staffing plans are appropriate, and everyone is trained and ready to work in the building safely. The final component, Paperwork readiness, is confirmed to guarantee operations plans are complete, policies and procedures are update to date, contracts and agreements are solidified, and any licenses, certification, accreditation, permits and insurance are all up to date and ready for pertinent regulatory bodies to review.

Although preparing for any regulatory visit can be stressful, HTS’ proven 3Ps process can decrease anxiety and help new healthcare facilities open on time.

– Lynn Aguilera, RN, MSNEd, Senior Project Manager, Transition Planning, HTS, Inc.,