A common question that is asked as move day approaches is, “what can we do to improve the patient experience during the patient move?” The answer to this question varies based on the organization and the type of patient (i.e., are your patients children? Adults?). However, there are several actions that can be taken that have been proven to brighten a patient’s day while ensuring their transition to the new facility is seamless and their care is uninterrupted. Here are three best practices to help you get started:

  1. Executive Team Presence – Having a member of the Executive Team greet every patient as they enter the new facility is a great way to boost morale and add a personal touch to the day. However, because members of the executive team can have multiple roles and responsibilities during the move day (e.g., press conferences and command center duties), each executive can be assigned to a different patient floor and can share the responsibility for greeting those patients.
  2. Flowers – A current trend in healthcare facility design is to incorporate more natural elements into the healing environment. On move day, you can choose to brighten up the patient’s room by having fresh flowers delivered. You may also choose to include a personalized card and have your hospital volunteers personally deliver each arrangement.
  3. Gift Baskets – Some facilities may choose to provide a gift basket to each patient. Gift baskets can include a blanket with the hospital’s logo, re-useable water bottle, and seasonal items, such as a stuffed Easter bunny if they move around Easter-time. However, food items are not recommended since many patients have dietary restrictions. 

–   Erica Aguilera, Special Projects Coordinator, HTS, Inc., EAguilera@consulthts.com