Check out the following articles on the latest in the healthcare and construction industries:

  • According to the Associated General Contractors of America, construction employment went up 20,000 in September with an unemployment rate decrease of 8.5% (a six-year record low.) This data, however, does not take into account the effects of last month’s government shutdown (the numbers for last month are yet to be calculated.) You can read the rest of the report here:
  • Are EHRs becoming irrelevant? Eric Wicklund from Healthcare IT News argues that EHRs’ inability to capture information outside of their scope is placing them at risk as such information (e.g. unmonitored phone calls, emails, texts, and “other doctor-doctor and doctor-patient communications that aren’t entered into the EHR”) ” more closely resembles the doctor-patient encounter.” Read the rest of Wicklund’s argments here: