In many cases, there are technical issues which arise as a part of the preparation for a patient move or the licensing of a new building. Quite often, these issues are not addressed by the Construction Team as they are focused on the brick and mortar construction and schedule aspects of the project. Not all projects retain a Commissioning Agent or have documented evidence that systems are functional and operate to the design intent and contract documents. Many sub-contractors, who are critical to the completion and proper operation of the building, are hard pressed at the end of the project to perform the necessary start-up, check-out, and functional testing of the various systems and sub-systems they interact with to ensure proper operation and compliance with licensure requirements and operational aspects of the new facility. For these reasons and more, it is a benefit to the overall project to enlist a technical resource who can document and confirm critical systems are functioning and are properly coordinated with the needs of the Facilities and Nursing Staff.

Benefits & Advantages

There are multiple benefits which can be realized by proactive planning and verification that systems are operational and that the Facilities Staff are prepared to operate the new facility when needed. Preparation, proper documentation and pre-testing of systems prior to licensure will ensure a smooth licensing process, eliminating the risk of extensions or corrective action items. Training of the Operating and Nursing Staff prior to a patient move also ensures that patients are placed in a room which is environmentally maintained, surgery suites are provided with the proper temperature, humidity and pressurization requirements, air distribution system are properly operating to satisfy the environmental and process related needs of the new facility.

Review of the operation and efficiency of the systems in the facility can provide ownership with recommendations which will improve system reliability, reduce energy consumption, and allow Operators to be more effective and better manage the resources which are available to them. Customized reporting utilizing the building management control system and other systems can provide feedback to the Operators to monitor equipment performance and provide predictive indications of required maintenance.

Key Take-Away Point

Hiring a third-party Commissioning Agent can provide added value in the training, preparation, documentation, and trouble shooting of system operational capabilities. These services can be provided on a multitude of systems throughout the Hospital, Hospital Support Building, Central Utility Plant or Medical Office Building.

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