FreightTrain Team
Meet the Oakland FreightTrain Dream Team! (Byron Muller on left middle; Einar Lono on right middle)
Something of a dynamic duo, Einar Lono and Byron Muller work with HTS’s FreightTrain Division, where they take up the roles of FreightTrain Administrator and FreightTrain Operator, respectively. With FreightTrain, Einar and Byron have worked in the Kaiser Oakland Medical Center Project.
Since beginning work at Oakland in 2010, Byron and Einar have successfully implemented FreightTrain into the project, through effective implementation of our punch list modules and creation of several new reports and Visual Fragnet maps which have improved the quality of the FreightTrain system. Byron and Einar have been an invaluable asset to the project.
(Byron on the left and Einar on the right)
But Byron and Einar are not just content with doing their jobs right; instead, the two have been known to commit well above and beyond the requirements. Throughout the project, Byron and Einar would show up to work everyday from 6 in the morning to about 6 in the evening, amounting to the average 10-12 hour workday. Not afraid of working over-time, the duo would sometimes come in even on Saturdays, rarely, if ever, calling in sick. The two are known for their extreme professionalism and amazing dedication.

Still, it isn’t just us who praise their work. According to reports from fellow coworkers, Byron and Einar are constantly being lauded by clients, some demanding that work on their project be managed specifically by the team. HTS is proud of Byron and Einar for their superb work ethic and teamsmanship!