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Initiating a hospital facility transition can be very tough as employees struggle to incorporate the new settings and procedures into their daily tasks. Many problems are caused by miscommunication or lack of communication as upper management neglect to translate changes to the frontline staff.  To solve this issue, we at HTS Inc. recommend a program that creates Activation Champions, which are hospital employees that serve as a resource for their co-workers to ask questions and receive accurate answers while promoting increased awareness of local building changes and how they are pertinent to their positions.  Activation Champions are respected and well-liked individuals that may not be from a management position, but work within the ranks of the majority to relay information about the current and new hospital while serving as the bridge to understanding and bringing awareness to increase communication effectiveness and retention by employees.  Recognized by the official “Activation Champion” shirt worn on designated days, these individuals disseminate accurate information that creates excitement amongst the frontline staff and relieves anxiety related to the transition.  We have seen the success of this program first hand and recommend this easily implemented solution to communication issues during any hospital transition.

Here are some common questions asked about the Activation Champions program:

What is the purpose of the program?

The purpose of the Activation Champions program is to ensure reliable, consistent and regular communication of transition activities to all areas affected by the transition.

Who is the best candidate from your department?

The best candidate is an informal leader – meaning that they are not in an official management position but are respected by all other staff members – with a positive attitude, and a willingness to go above and beyond their normal job duties.

What are the Champion’s responsibilities?

Activation Champions attend town hall meetings, address frequently asked questions related to the transition, and provide updates to their department’s staff.

– Lynn Aguilera, RN, MSNEd, Senior Project Manager and Director of Transition Planning, HTS, Inc. LAguilera@consulthts.com

Do you have more questions about the Activation Champions program, or other general Orientation and Training issues? Please contact us at info@consulthts.com.


(above) Example of a Activation Champion T-Shirt. Photo Courtesy of Maine General Medical Center.