There are many activities that need to be coordinated, and many cannot occur concurrently. When there are complex areas such as Imaging, OR suites, Lab, and Pharmacy involved, the coordination and preparation requirements are greater than for spaces without large, complex equipment. 

  • Many activities cannot begin until Building Turnover: The various teams need time to prepare, deploy, and test their systems before integrated testing can occur. These activities cannot always happen at the same time and are often dependent on work by other teams. Typically this takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks prior to the first recommended “Day in the Life – dress rehearsal” for all impacted staff (which can be at least 4 weeks before move day) and is dependent on the transition budget resources allocation. 
  • Go/No-Go issue resolution: The hospital must review and prioritize issues identified during the Fit-Up period. Usually issues are prioritized in the following categories: (E)Emergent- must be resolved immediately (water leak), (1) must be resolved before licensing visit (regulatory requirement), (2) must be resolved before operations (organizational preference), (3) evaluate and resolve post-move (convenience item/nice to have). Unresolved items may become deal-breakers.

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