All you ever need to know about Initial Outfitting/Building Fit-Up:

1. Which activities take place during the Owner’s Fit-Up Period? In what sequence do these activities typically occur?

The “Fit-Up” period begins when the major construction phase is complete and the majority of the architect’s punch list items are resolved, and the hospital assumes the responsibility of managing, monitoring, and maintaining the new building. Concluding with Day 1 of operations, the Fit-Up period involves the final configuration, stocking, and
deployment of supplies and materials, medical equipment, IT devices, furniture, artwork, and other furnishings.

Staff must be engaged to prepare their work areas, to train on new workflow, equipment and systems in the new environment, and to participate in hospital licensing and move-related activities. The following represents the standard sequence of the Fit-Up period, but may vary depending on project-specific contractual agreements and time/resource constraints:

a. IT Network online and trouble free. (Wireless network availability occurs later)

b. Obtain Fire and Life Safety clearance and receive OSHPD’s Construction Advisory Certificate of Occupancy “CofO” (or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy).

c. Construction lock cores are changed, loading dock and access control is transferred and building systems are turned over.

d. Initiate 24/7 monitoring of the new facility. (Includes Plant Ops, Security and Safety departments)

e. Perform initial cleaning, floor care (as required), and ensure floor protection is installed for equipment deployment. Ongoing cleaning and maintenance of building begins. (Terminal cleaning of critical areas occurs later)

f. Vendor Installed Equipment is completed and signed off.

g. New medical equipment deployment and installation begins

h. Furniture deployment begins.

i. Clinical Engineering testing, tagging, and deployment of biomedical equipment

j. IT device deployment, installation, and testing

k. Material and supply and distribution of initial stock to each area

l. Typical rooms fully set-up for training and the licensing visit (at least one or two of each type of room)

m. Final walkthrough and acceptance of new space by department managers prior to licensing.

n. Re-use equipment relocated and tested (if moving on patient move day/occupancy, then it is recommended that a final re-use equipment list and schedule be provided to the licensing team)

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