Here are some things you may want to know about HTS’ Fit-Up process:

What is the average time to complete the “Fit-Up” period?

The minimum required time between building turnover and day 1 of operations is typically 90 days (3 months) but may need to be longer in states with stricter regulatory requirements or for very large and complex projects.

What is the Transition/Activation Budget? What should my organization expect to spend?

a. All ONE-TIME expenses that are a direct result of the activation of the new facility (i.e., if the new facility was not being built, this cost would not be necessary)

b. Costs that are neither accounted for in the project’s construction/equipment budgets, nor in the hospital’s operating/capital budgets.

c. Staff resource requirements are quantified by headcount and by hours (not by FTE).

d. A separate cost center(s) should be created and closed shortly after Day 1 of operations.

e. The transition budget is typically 1-2% of the total project budget. (i.e. $300M project will have a $3M-$6M transition budget).

f. The costs can be assigned to one of the five transition budget categories below.

What are the main components of the Transition/Activation budget? [% of Budget]

a. Pre-Fit up activities: hospital resources required prior to building turnover [10%]

b. Fit-Up activities: resources required to secure, manage and set up the new facility [30%]

c. Training: Fire and Life safety, general orientation, equipment and systems training and DitL [35%]

d. Move/Activation: resources for licensing prep and department/patient move activities [20%]

e. Consolidation/Decommissioning: issue follow-up and post-move support in the vacated facility [5%]

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